YNAB weekly RECON day and daily streak count

I do my weekly YNAB reconciliation, but to keep it fun, I call it my recon day (as in reconnaissance!).

It's all part of my plan to keep up:

ongoing manual entry at point of purchase (or at the daily check time)

daily check the budget (current streak day: 528)

weekly recon

monthly money date with net worth and age of money update

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  • Such a high level of engagement will serve you well!

    Something to consider adding: cash flow analysis done after being paid. Are account balances sufficient to handle outflows through a few days after your next income? (A few days after in case of a payroll snafu.) Is there an opportunity to shift money to a higher rate account?

    (A glance at the running balance should answer both these questions.)

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  • Checking your budget regularly is a great habit! That is an amazing streak, Lavender Trombone . Do you use a particular tool to keep track or remind yourself?

    • Nicole  Yes, I use a habit tracker in a bullet journal to track my streak. I was inspired by the streak counters on other apps to start tracking my daily checks in the budget. The idea of a habit that is so tiny it’s just silly not to do it has made a big difference for me—in budgeting as well as other things. After all, my commitment is just to check the app... of course once I’m there, I also enter transactions and look around at my categories. 

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