Import YNAB budget and transactions

I know this has been asked before. There needs to be a "save as" in YNAB, or a way to import an existing budget and transactions to a new YNAB "instantiation", or whatever the term is.

Use case: And maybe there is another way to do this. If so, please let me know! I want to play with a parallel budget with modified budget numbers, while still having access to historical data. Without impacting my current, well oiled budget. This would allow long term projections to test various cases. Currently, impossible. Help!


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  • Totally agree, but these posts won't get it done. Copy that to a feature request.

    The very unsatisfactory workaround is to Fresh Start your budget, rename the now empty budget to Sandbox (or whatever), and rename the archived version back to the current name. Then repopulate account and category balances in the Sandbox. It's a little better than starting totally from scratch.

    Tip: open a second browser window on the real budget for reference and tile them on your screen.

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      dakinemaui Excellent suggestion on the feature request. Done. Currently my work around is to use pivot tables in Excel on my exported budget to show the numbers I need for the new budget, then manually enter them. Yuck.

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