Credit card transactions and the Budget

Why is it that when I record a cc transaction to buy groceries the Budget makes a corresponding entry to my credit card at the top of my budget, but when I do the same for another subcategory within the same main category, the Budget does NOT do this?

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    Does the other category have money available in it? If it doesn’t, or doesn’t have enough, no money can move. 

    YNAB is a digital version of an envelope budget. The more you can imagine your categories as paper envelopes with actual cash inside, the more things will make sense. 

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  • Yes! Money will only move into your Credit Card Payment category if there are available funds in the spending category. $70 out of groceries --> $70 moved to your Credit Card Payment category, like this: 

    If money isn't moving into the Credit Card Payment category, it's most likely because there aren't available funds in the spending category. Money will stop moving into your Credit Card Payment category if your credit card has a positive balance, too - so that's something to check for! 

    Does this help you figure out what's going on? Let us know if not - we can keep digging into it!

  • WordTenor thanks!  That'll teach me to mess with my budget before my second cup of coffee in the mornings!  This DUH! moment brought to you by lack of caffeine.

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