Sort by last transaction inputed... and stay that way

When I am adding transactions I want to see the transactions in the order that I have inputted them.  This does not happen.  Ex.  I have a transfer that I did say 3 hours ago.  Then 1 hour ago I entered to transactions.  The two transactions should be on the top and the transfer should be the 3rd and yet it's still on top.  Why is this and how do I fix this.  Is this sorting by higher outflow then to lower.  If so I would like this to stop.  If there is something in the toolkit that can help that would be awesome.

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  • As far as I know it is sorted by time stamp of the transaction. So if you enter a transaction for this past Thursday  and then one for this past Monday, it will list the thursday  transaction above the monday transaction

  • I have the same problem, hoping there is a solution!

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    YNAB doesn't recognize or honor a time stamp for transactions. It uses the date stamp, and then for transactions made on the same day, the sort is smallest amount to largest for outflows, and I believe the opposite for inflows.

    Note that the display -- top to bottom or vice versa -- depends on your own sort item: Date, Balance, etc.

    This topic has been brought up multiple times, and the suggestion is to submit a feature request (at the top of the splash page there's a link to do that.)

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  • The order is to match the US-mandated bank order of inflows first, then outflows smallest to largest. This arose in order to clear as many transactions as possible before overdraft fees kick in. 

    Realistically, manual reconciliation of manually entered transactions is the only time I might care about transaction order, but I find it significantly faster to sort by Outflow amount anyway in that case.

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      dakinemaui Thank you everyone but thank you dakinemaui.  At least I understand the why.  Have a great day.

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