Revert to backup?

Hi! First post in these forums, so I apologize if it's been answered (but if it has, I haven't been able to find it). 

I'm in  my second month in YNAB, and loving it.  I think I've finally gotten the hang of it enough that I want to add my husband's accounts and put us all one one joint budget.  But before I do this, is there any way to save my current budget, so that I can come back to it, in case we totally mess things up?  not a fresh start, just like revert to a saved a copy.  I see CSV export, but that's not what I want...

If this is not possible, how else would you recommend I do this?  I really just want to have a (usable!) backup just in case.

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  • No backup capability is present.

  • Hi Steel Blue Sound !

    We have plans for a "make a copy" option, but it's not high on our road-map. 

    Exporting to CSV is the closest option available for creating a back up. It's not a true back-up, because all of the data can't be imported back into YNAB, but it will give you a copy of your budget and account registers.

    You can submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know you'd like to have this option in the future. :)

  • Please put "Make a Copy" much higher on your road-map.  This is a long overdue feature, and one I've missed having from the beginning.   I have never before seen software that cannot import the very data it exported.  Many times I would love to have a copy of my working budget to use as a sandbox to play and experiment with.  Or, to be able to try to fix problems in the working budget, which if they do not work, then be able to restore the backup I made and try again.  As it is now, there are some things I'm afraid to attempt for fear of causing more damage that I cannot undo.  As a developer myself, adding a "Make a Copy" feature isn't terribly difficult, so there's no reason to not just knock it out quickly and get it over with.

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  • Given how easy it is to screw up a budget this is very important. Not having transaction level rollback is a huge miss. Any move of money between budget items should be a transaction you can rollback. At the moment it's impossible to review the movement of money between different budget lines.

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