Change the available balance without doing math

Let's say I have 345.67 assigned in a category. I want the amount in that category to be 456.73. How can I do this without doing the math to figure out the difference between them and adding it to the assigned section?

I can't just type in the new total, I can't reset the amount because it's still taking the month before into account and that just leads to another number I have to account for.

I'm sure I'm thinking about this wrong (or at least I really hope so) but it's so frustrating. 

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  • Do you mean you have $345.67 available? Available is different than assigned.

    Anyway, you can do all of the maths in the assigned column. You want to add the difference between $456.73 and $345.67. Select the assigned for the category and enter "+456.73-345.67". That will add the difference between the two to whatever was already in the assigned column (make sure you just start typing with the "+", don't delete what was already there.) This is in the web app, you can do something similar in the mobile apps with the calculator that appears when entering amounts in the assigned column.

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  • omg.... yes, thank you! Also I did mean available, sorry. Thank you so, so much, this has been such a major pain point for me. 

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      • yesican2020
      • 3 mths ago
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      Cadet Blue Router PS.  Have a look at what is in the desktop app if you can.  There are more columns and info and might help you understand what is happening. The phone app is a simplified version.

  • Another way to do the same thing on the web (works on mobile). The 2 methods are absolutely equivalent

     - click on the category available. Move all the money to Ready To Assign

     - click on Ready To Assign, manually assign $456.73 to the category.  Or click on the Assigned cell for the category and type +456.73. (don't forget the +).

    At the end you get the same number in all the columns (Assigned, Available and Activity) using either of those methods.

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      • cobalt_blue
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      Ceeses okay, I think I'm getting it! 🥳

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