Pending transactions sometimes show up in cc current balance

I was tearing my hair out last night trying to reconcile my chase card. My ynab balance and cc balance didn't agree but I couldn't find any missing charges. I'm not talking about my statement balance but the current balance that I see on my app. I woke up this morning and looked at my cc account again. I noticed that a few of my charges were no longer pending but my current balance had not changed. When I entered these charges into ynab everything reconciled easily.

It's frustrating that chase reflected a few of my pending charges in my current balance. They didn't reflect all of the pending charges just a few of them.  This made it almost impossible to figure out what was going on. I'll certainly be aware of this possibility in the future before I go on a big hunt for missing charges. 

Has anyone else had this issue? I'm wondering if it was just a fluke or maybe a chase thing. 

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  • Ugh - you aren't alone. We've seen this before. It seems that transactions can
    disappear  from the Chase account register when transitioning between a pending and cleared status. They will be included in the Current Balance, but not visible until they post. 😩

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