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So, I transferred our mortgage to the new loan feature. Somehow when I did, an old payment from February got reassigned to the new loan account. So, my starting balance in October, doesn't show correctly. This payment was made before I created the old tracking account. I've tried everything to get the February payment to go back to my old payee name and it will not change and forces the transaction to the new loan account name.

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  • Thanks for posting this! And sorry for the hiccup -  we can definitely get this sorted.

    Since you won’t be able to re-direct that old payment to a closed account, you’ll first need to re-open your closed Tracking account. Then, you'll be able to edit that rogue payment.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to reconcile the old account back down to a $0, and use “Update Balance” in the new account to get that amount up to date, if needed, too. I'm going to send you an email with some further instructions, too, so definitely keep an eye out. We'll get it sorted out! 👍🏻

  • Thank you for the quick response

  • I have an issue as well: I have a credit account that I want to change into a into a loan-account.

    I first established a loan account with zero balance, then closed my credit account and transfered the balance to the new loan account. Nothing changed on the loan account balance, even though the credit card account was zeroed. When I refresh, the closed credit account shows its original balance.


    Edit: I found a workaround:

    1. Opened a tracking account.

    2. Closed the credit account and transfered to tracking account

    3. Created a loan account from the tracking account.


    Edit 2: Nah, it the workaround creates a little mess in my reports.


    • Green Sander Is the account an actual credit card? If so, you'll want to leave it set up as a credit card in YNAB. The loan accounts are setup using an amortization schedule - credit card interest is calculated differently. It might be helpful to take a look at your budget directly to get things sorted - if you'd like to do that you can enable Support Access. Just let us know and we'll take this to email!

    • Marisa 

      Thank! Its not a credit card, its a consumer loan.

      I have enabled support access - please enter my cave!

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