Credit Card Budget allways off

I don´t know why, but my credit card budget is allways off.
I´ve set up a credit card account and there is a credit card budget.

As far as I know the credit card budget should auto update when I add a transaction to the credit card account. But I have to adjust the budget every month as there is not enought money.
I habe no idea what I´m doing wrong.



and Yes! I´ve read all the dredit card help pages.

There is no "old" payment from before the card was entered in YNAB. (As said it´s off every month)

And there is no overspendings in the categorys the money "comes from".

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  • Are you on the float? 

    Even if you pay the statement every month, you can easily carry interest free debt.

    To get rid of this, do a one-time adjustment to make your credit card payment category available amount be the positive equivalent of your negative working balance on the card. 

  • Assuming you are paying the full amount, are you paying the "last statement balance" or the "to date balance"?

  • This happens to me when I apply my credit card rewards as a credit to my statement balance- is that what’s happening to you? 

  • Hi! I've just sent you an email in case you'd like to work on this one-on-one to understand what's been going on. :)

    In general, if you're seeing your Credit Card Payment category is off every month, the best action to take this month is to take Move Light's advice and make a one-time adjustment to the payment category. You'll want to assign money directly there so that the Available amount is a positive reflection of your current negative credit card balance you see on the left on the web.

    Once you do this, if you consistently add spending transactions to your credit card account and assign money to the categories in which you spend on the card, you should have what you need in the Credit Card Payment category to pay in full.

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