Do I manually delete CC transactions if I use "Record Payment" method?

I was reading this blog post about handling credit cards:

So I looked at the green payment label on top right as the article says and paid that amount to CC company from my bank.  OK.

So now in YNAB the article says I can use the Record Payment button to record this. OK.

So what happens when I "import" transactions and my bank shows for example $500.00 OUT and my credit card shows $500.00 IN .  So if I use the record payment button then I should just DELETE both those transactions?

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  • No. Any manually added transaction will likely be automatically matched by YNAB. This is done based on matching rules (amount, date). You'll see a chain link icon that you can click to approve the match.

    If it's not automatic, you can still select the two transactions and manually match them (use Edit menu). YNAB will keep the manually entered payee/category/memo, but use the bank's date/amount.

    In fact, I recommend manually inputting transactions as you spend so that you can immediately see the effect of your choices. I also recommend scheduling transactions for bills so that you save work for yourself (and have useful info like upcoming cash-flow needs).

    The importing feature (file-based or direct) is supposed to be a safety net in case you missed a transaction, and helps save work during the reconciling process.

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      Move Light Sound Life  That's how their own official weblog is saying to do it. So I want to follow that. So I want an answer as a follow up to their blog post. 

    • Gold Crab Um. Ok. YNAB also recommends manually inputting transactions {Edit: and did in the big post you referenced} and using import as a safety net, and has for years.  I'm sorry I used the pronoun for the singular first person, but I'm also not a representative for YNAB. 

      There are official help docs that explain the importing rules. 

      There are official help docs that explain how to use scheduled transactions.

      There are official help docs that explain how to manually enter transactions.

      There are official help docs that explain how to use file-based import.

      There are official help docs that explain how to match imported transactions.

      There are official help docs that explain how to reconcile.

      You're welcome to go find those if you don't want unofficial people answering your questions on the forum. 

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      Gold Crab I haven't read all the docs, but from personal experience they will match correctly in both accounts 99% of the time.  If they don't because of an occasional import glitch, then just fix/adjust it.  I don't use the record payment button anymore because all of my CC payments are scheduled and post automatically.

  • Gold Crab Folks here are absolutely right! We encourage you to enter the payment using Record Payment, and then when the transactions download (one in your checking account, one in your credit card account), they'll automatically match the payment you entered.

    This is true not just for payments, but for any transactions—if you enter it and then import it, as long as the amount is the same and the dates aren't too far apart, YNAB will match the transactions automatically. It happens in my personal budget every morning!

    Please let us know if you still have questions.

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