How do you convince your husband we should get out of debt; i.e., pay off the credit cards?

I am the sole breadwinner and my husband stays home to care for our children. We have accumulated quite a bit of savings thanks to the COVID stimulus payments and our tax refund. I would like to use the savings to pay off our $20,000 credit card debt for peace of mind and have a clean slate. He wants to keep some/all of the savings for potential emergency house projects. I think we can come to a compromise, but I welcome any tips on how to get on the same page as a couple. We have different values/ attitudes about carrying credit card debt. I am so stressed by the debt that I got a second job on the weekends (just three hours) to help earn more money to pay down the debt. Thank you in advance. 

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  • It’s pretty simple. When you have debt, everything you purchase costs extra since you’re still paying off past expenses. I understand you need to keep the peace but as the sole breadwinner, I’d think you’d have more say in the matter. Make him understand how stressful it makes you feel. Start listening to Dave Ramsey together. He’s all about “debt is dumb.” I’m right there with him and totally on your side.

    Here’s an article I just happened to find on the subject of debt and marriage:

    Also, once out of debt, agree to stay out of debt. Don’t purchase anything until you’ve saved up for it.

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