Instagram account required for YNAB?

In the latest release notes, the link takes me to Instagram.  I have no account there and never have an intention of doing so.   Why not link (in Instagram) to your own generally accessible blog posts rather than the other way around? 


BTW, love all the mobile features!  (Reconciliation, please).  Just don't want to sign up at a dozen other social media sites to get YNAB information.  Does not make sense.

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  • Hey, Saish Dawg ! I'm going to pass this feedback on to marketing. You don't need an Instagram account to view a post, however, just to follow or post things yourself.

    • Matthew Thanks for the reply.  I have no account, and they ask me to create one. 

    • Saish Dawg Are you on a phone or a laptop/desktop computer? I just tested this out, and learned:

      • On web, took me to, and I didn't need to create an account or log in to see the post.
      • On mobile, if I have the Instagram app installed, it will take me to the app and ask me to log in or create an account in order to see the post
      • On mobile, if I don't have the Instagram app installed, it will show me the post in mobile Safari.
  • Thanks for the support Matthew.  I guess you are proving my point in an oblique way.  Why is YNAB giving pointers on how to navigate Instagram?  Better to control your own destiny and have all your source (original) content here. 

    My surmise is that you logged in at some point on the web or have an account with a cookie.  I am directed to the login page.  Again, I have zero interest in Instagram.  Equally, cannot read the post, since I have no account there.

    This is totally minor.  Just letting you know you are posting and linking your own source content to areas that some of your users have no access.  That's all.


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    • Saish Dawg No, you're absolutely right! I'm going to figure out the best place to direct your feedback.

      In the meantime, let me teach you how to record a Boomerang. 😄

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    • Matthew Hah, I am showing my age and proclivity towards being a Luddite.  :^)

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      • I was told there would be no math.
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      Saish Dawg No, you're showing your proclivity towards privacy, security, and sanity :).

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