Large one-time purchases

Hello all - 

I'm looking for some advice on how to track large one-time purchases. These large purchases are super pricey, but will only happen once. I'm thinking of a downpayment on a house, a wedding, a wedding ring, etc. 

The concern I have is when I go to categorize these transactions, they will inflate the category average if I have them in a category that I regularly spend from. If I have a category for all of these items, I will end up hiding a bunch of one-time-use categories.

Should I just have "Large Expenses" as a category and spend money from there, hiding the category after the multiple one-time uses? I don't plan on buying multiple wedding rings or house downpayments, but I need to categorize the transactions.

Thanks for the advice!

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  • I think either approach works fine.  You can even rename the category each time you are using it.  i also have no problem creating new categories because hidden categories don't bother me.

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  • The only issue would be overlapping saving timelines. Categories are cheap -- just hide it when done.

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    • dakinemaui Thanks - I plan on saving in various categories, and just spend out of one. The savings categories can be deleted, while the spending category would be hidden.

    • Orchid Device That works nicely as well. Cheers!

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