To Be Budgeted too high, difference equal to credit card statement.

I'm getting back to YNAB after not using it for a couple of months.

I had an issue with Credit Cards though.

1. I had to reconcile my card in YNAB with an outflow of more than $700, even though all transactions were cleared and matching with my card statement. It said my card had a balance of positive $600-something, when my actual balance is currently -$126. Why would this happen?

2. In my budget, I have $1287.09 in the To Be Budgeted category. However, I only have $1,106.62 available in my accounts. The difference is $126.47, which happens to be exactly the balance of my credit card. But that money should not be available for budgeting. In by budget, I've set all available amounts to 0.


What do I do?

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  • I recommend contacting support and they will be able to walk through this with you and get it figured out. 

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  • 1. A missing/erroneous transaction is the ONLY possible cause. It is likely the starting balance given what you've said. 

    2. You need to give jobs to all money you receive. YNAB will patiently wait for you to do that, even if that's in hindsight after spending it. Make TBB = $0. It's a Rule.

    Edit: just saw this: "In by budget, I've set all available amounts to 0." Ignore #2.

  • Alice Blue Trombone said:
    However, I only have $1,106.62 available in my accounts.

    You cannot use the "Budget" account total, since that is reduced by your credit card balance. The money in the budget always equals the CASH in your accounts.

  • You need to budget $126.47 to the credit card payments line so it is set aside to pay off the card. 

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  • Hi Alice Blue Trombone !

    If you're up for it, we'd be more than happy to take a closer look at what's going on here! You can enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead.

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