Depositing $ in Category is Changing My Overall TBB

I just deposited $300 cash to my ATM and assigned the $300 to a specific category.  When I did that, it changed my overall To Be Budgeted amount.  I thought that when I assign money to a specific category, it would only affect that category's totals, not my overall TBB totals.  (I make sure my overall TBB is $0 when I start the month, so this amount changing is driving me nuts!)  I'm confused.  Can anyone help me understand what's happening?  

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  • Do you have overspending in that category? Cash (red) overspending reduces next month's TBB. If the additional money fixed the overspending, it would have the effect of increasing next month's TBB. If that was for more than the amount it was short, then the current month's TBB would increase as well.

  • Megan Herren said:
    I make sure my overall TBB is $0 when I start the month

    You should make sure your future-most TBB is $0. It's quite possible for the current-month's TBB to be $0 when the future TBB is negative (indicating funds are double-booked). This is a design flaw that's been criticized since launch. Search "Stealing From The Future" for more details. It's easily worked around -- as long as you know about it.

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