Spent over 6 hours setting up my YNAB :) I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER!

I watched all 19 setup videos and 21 on how to use YNAB to it's fullest capacity. The hubby agreed to take our son out on Saturday so I can dive in fully and I am not sorry. 

Just in the setup process I was prompted to look at various accounts and already saved $49 dollars on my first week! Woo Hoo :) 

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  • Congratulations!  I think that the longer you use YNAB the more successful you will be.  I know my wife and I have saved a considerable amount of money over the years by using YNAB, just the simple fact that you will become laser focused in making your money behave makes the effort worth it.

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  • Amazing!! Expect to have many different feelings, like:

    • FOMO: Why didn't I do this years ago? I wish I knew then what I know now... Don't look back, just look forward. Live in the present while planning for the next week, month, year, decade.
    • BROKE: You have all your money allocated and you feel broke since you don't just have the money in a category for some purchase, despite having a large bank account. Priorities!
    • OBSESSED: Yes, join the club of YNABrs who check their budget daily, even 4x...
    • CONTENT: All your bills are covered, all your priorities are covered, you have a cushion, and boy you sleep like a baby knowing your finances are in check.
    • ENCOURAGED: You will start to look at every aspect of your spending and ways to cut expenses even more. You will start to read more finance books / listen to podcasts & they will finally really resonate with you.
    • INVESTED: You will look at the big picture of where your money is going and what it will be doing for you in decades to come. You will make sure your retirement is planned and your investments are at the best asset allocation, diversified, and with low management costs to let them grow. You won't panic when they drop...they are just on sale and you will buy more for the long term investing. YNAB now has you looking ahead, not behind.
    • CURIOUS: Why isn't everybody using YNAB??? They are missing out!!
    • FRUGAL: Do I really want to spend $ on this when I could spend $ on that? Frugality is choosing how you will use your resources and not waste them. If you really really want something, and still don't want to buy it (which happens!), put the wants/needs in your WISH FARM. Then when you have $ to spend you can use it there or you have a ready-to-go list of birthday/Christmas items you want (and somebody else can buy you!). You will also decide whether you want to spend X on take-out or X on something else. Choices. You will also find the lowest price for everything you can & price-match!

    Enjoy the process! It is so liberating! :)

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    • Purple Foal I love this! The stages of YNABery. Some occurring at the same time. 😂

  • Welcome Violet Motherboard ! Were those the ones in the YNAB Video Courses? What a weekend! Here's to more "Woo hoo!" moments in the future. 🎉

    We're glad you're here!

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  • Just wait, it only gets better the longer you use it.  I started last summer and now I feel so much less stressed about money.  Happy budgeting!

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