My main checking account pays my credit card at the beginning of each month

Hello there,


I have a credit card which differs all of my payments done with it until the beginning of the next month.

As a result, when a new month starts, my checking account is debited for the total amount of all my credit card payments made last month and my credit card sold is set to 0.


How can I do that on YNAB? How can I remove from my checking account the amount of my credit card payments and set my credit card sold to 0?


Thank you!

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  • Have you taken the free credit card class??  Ynab does exactly what you want it to...

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  • Create a transfer transaction, (by default, transfers don't allow for input into category field...  The payee is the transfer to your card.) For the amount of your payment from your checking into your credit card.

    This is accomplished by starting a transaction, and in the payee field, you select from the Payments and Transfers header, the "To/From: {your card name}" and then Memo if desired, and outflow or inflow (depends on if you initiated the transaction from your checking, or from your card.)  If you're in the checking account, it would be an outflow, because money is going out of your account to pay the card.  If you're in the card's account, it would be an inflow, because money is coming in to pay off the balance.

  • Just to add onto the information provided, if you don't know how much the payment will be each month because it pays all of them, set the transaction to $0 on a recurring basis. When the actual transaction is posted to your chequing account, you can go in and update the amount of the recurring transaction. Even if there is no amount, it will at least give you a visual clue that the event is coming as a reminder.

  • YNAB works to help you do exactly what you described! As you go through the month, using your credit card, YNAB will move funds from your categories (as long as your purchases are budgeted for) and set them aside to pay towards your credit card. You'll then enter the payment as a transfer from your Checking account to your Credit Card account.

    When you have a moment, take a look at our Quick Start Guide to Credit Cards and consider taking our Master Credit Cards with your Budget workshop or check out our Budget for Credit Cards video course!

  • Thank you so much for all your answers !

    I will take a look to the different credit card guides.

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