Select Funding Source for Budget and Goals?

Right now, my "To Be Budgeted" amount reflects the combined balances of both my checking and savings accounts. I'd rather not have my savings used for the budget, only my checking.  Is there a way to assign my checking account as the direct funding source for my budget without "unlinking" my savings?

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  • YNAB is not just about spending. It's also a plan for your saving. Budgeting your savings is a fundamental part of YNAB. That money is saved for one or many reasons. Create categories, put the money in them. It'll remind you why you have that money saved in the first place, and you can make better decisions when you have a more accurate spending and savings plan.

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  • No. The entire point of YNAB is to consider all of your money. The accounts just happen to be where the money is stored. It's like, if you have a $20 bill, does it matter if it is in your right pocket or your left pocket?

    These are some key articles to read:

    The Relationship Between Your Budget & Your Accounts

    Why Doesn't My Category Balance Match My Account Balance

    You've probably budgeted by account in the past. YNAB is different. I get that it feels uncomfortable, but please just try it the YNAB way for a few months.

    I have 67 categories and 22 on budget accounts (none of them linked, I've been doing 100% manual entry since 2014) and no category balance or group of category balances match any particular on budget account balance. Because it just doesn't matter.

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  • I see, so if the money is earmarked for something else just categorize the savings and it will automatically be excluded from the budget. Gotcha, makes sense

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      Maroon Cleric I think you have the gist of it, but to be absolutely clear: Earmarking $X for something is achieved by making an entry in the budget column of a category. That action removes that same amount from the "To Be Budgeted" value. That money is not "excluded from the budget" since the budget is the union of all your categories (and technically the To Be Budgeted amount as well). The money in the budget always equals the amount of cash you have in your accounts.

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