Why creating a future transaction is not permitted in the API???

Why would you prevent API users from creating future transactions? 

In Brazil it is VERY common to buy something that is lets say 1000,00 then you may 10 payments of 100 each, and this is automatically added to the credit card on a montly basis. When one uses that, one will have to add each monthly transaction manually. This is such a waste of time. Would be easy to implement if there wasn't a limitation.

This limitation basically kills the top one reason I decided to stay and renew my subscription. I'm writing an app to help me add the transactions from my mobile phone. I receive SMS whenever I use my card, and the app will read that and convert into a transaction in YNAB. Being able to automatically add transactions like that was going to make my life SO much easier. 

Please, remove that limitation... 

Reference: https://api.youneedabudget.com/v1#/Transactions/createTransaction

Field: Date - The transaction date in ISO format (e.g. 2016-12-01). Future dates (scheduled transactions) are not permitted. Split transaction dates cannot be changed and if a different date is supplied it will be ignored.

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  • that is what scheduled transactions are for ,  you apparently know that you are making 10 payments ,  so just set up a scheduled transaction that repeats monthly ,   when it's paid in full ,  delete the scheduled transaction.  

    • Hi Robbie Venters 

      Unfortunately that will not do it for some reasons.

      1. Schedule transactions currently don't have an end date. It would really be so useful if they had. Imagine one may have dozens of transactions like this: it would became a nightmare to remember the end dates and manage them manually like that.

      2. I like to add a memo like this: "<what it is> <x/y>" like "Samsung TV 1/10", so I always know how much I paid and how much I still owe.

      3. I don't see an API endpoint for putting a new scheduled transaction. That only has GET.

      I'm thinking the only option I have is to make all 10 (or whathever number is) transactions with the current date, then manually adjust. Its just that I don't see why they would prohibit to create future transactions like that.



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  • YNAB is not a set it and forget it type budgeting software..... the worst thing that happens , you budget for that transaction ,   it does not go through because you finished paying off those 10 $100 payments, and you have that extra $100 to reallocate ( FOUND MONEY!! 😁 )  or you can just make 10 scheduled transactions,  one for each payment,  but that seems like so much more work than just a scheduled transaction , and reviewing your budget for spending,   could combine it with a reminder in your calendar 10 months later that tells you it's the last payment.  Google calendar does in fact have an option to make a recurring event that stops after a certain number.

  • Hey Cyan Grizzly !  Yes, scheduled/future transactions aren't an option through the API at the moment. You can let our team know you'd like to see that by submitting a Feature Request. Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

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