PUT /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/{transaction_id} will not allow category to be set to "Uncategorized"

If you look up the id of the "Uncategorized" category under the "Internal Master Category" group, and you use that for the category_id on a call to update a transaction, it returns 200 but it does not update the category of the transaction (it echoes back the old category and the category for that transaction remains unchanged). 

If this is not allowed, it should return an error message. 

If it is allowed, its broken.


Also, if it is not allowed, I think that it should be. It's nice that YNAB attempts to auto-categorize unapproved transactions on its own, but the fact that you can't uncategorize them in the mobile app (or, apparently, in the API) is super annoying. There are certain things that it reliably categorizes incorrectly and until I have time to go through the unapproved transactions and fix them, the category they were mistakenly assigned to shows an incorrect balance that is misleading and confusing. 

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  • Hi Nathan Fast - this is a bug!  It should be accepted.  We've logged it and will get it fixed.

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  • Yay! Thank you!

  • Hey Nathan Fast ! This should be fixed now!

      • Nathan Fast
      • Software Developer
      • nathanmfast
      • 4 mths ago
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      Sweet, it works! Thanks!

  • Brady Sarah (YNAB Support)  are there plans for allowing the mobile app to do this too?  (I can't seem to mark a transaction as Uncategorized unless I'm missing something)

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