The filtering options in the "Trends" view of the spending report are awesome

This is more of a thank you to the team at YNAB for this awesome view than a tips and tricks thing, as I'm sure many people already know about it. You did an amazing job at coming up with a very nice and detailed way to view spending metrics, and it makes such a difference in hunting down what in our lives might cause certain things or how our lifestyle has changed over time.

I was trying to figure out our current monthly spending, and in the trends mode, there's a nice little line graph that shows the difference from month to month. I showed it to my wife and said "Imagine this, but with the blue bars, light green bars, and gold bars gone." Those are the car we bought last summer, the student loans we paid off, and the investments we've made. "That's how much we spend a month on more 'normal' things."

Then I realized I could filter out those anyways. This is awesome guys. The Reports page, though not the most popular part of YNAB is my favorite, and I love it even more now.

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  • Awh, this is so kind! I also love the trends view, most especially when I'm planning my budget for the new year. I'll be sure the team sees this lovely message 😊

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