How to bring in emergency funds without messing up reports?

Our EF is currently completely off budget and not represented at all in YNAB (no, not even as a tracking account). I've received a surprise bill and will need to bring in that money to pay it. I don't want to categorise it as income as that will mess up the income analysis report and if I send it straight to the category that will also mess up that report and I won't see the real total of spending there when I look back.

What's the best way to deal with this?

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  • Create an on-budget account for your savings account and date the starting balance to the first day you used YNAB. Scroll back to whatever month that was, create a category (preferably several) for those funds, and budget them there. 

    Not wanting to see an emergency fund as income is precisely why it’s recommend to keep that account on budget.  

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      • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
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      WordTenor Beat me to it. People do not think through the repercussions of keeping what should be budget accounts outside of the budget.

  • Thank you both!

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