Is it normal to re authenticate with your bank everyday?

Hello everyone, I'm new to YNAB ( about 2wks).  A small annoyance when selecting my Wells Fargo checking account for the first time in the day I have to send a text to my phone to authenticate with my bank. I have 2 Factor set up on both YNAB and Wells Fargo. 

Is this what everyone else has to do at least once a day?

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  • Hi Eddie !

    Sorry for the inconvenience! 

    Certain financial institutions require you to authorize your account frequently due to how our integration works with their site security. We have spent quite a bit of time investigating the issue with our import partner, and I'm afraid there's nothing they can do to get around the frequent re-authorizations (this is separate from the current issue on our status page where some YNABers are being asked to reauthenticate multiple times a day).

    The requests may start to subside after you've used the connection for a time, but it’s something we’re unable to predict.

    I know it can be a frustrating experience though, and I'm sorry that's the case. The good news is, while it's not so great for the import experience, it's great in terms of security! And you don't need to re-authorize the connection every time it asks—just go through the prompt when you're ready to import new transactions. :)

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  • Eddie Jimenez

    I also have 2FA set up with Wells Fargo. What I've done is created a sub-account / guest-login for my Wells Fargo account that is "view only" (no one can make changes even if the login gets stolen) and doesn't require 2FA, then linked that login to YNAB instead. It is still able to import transactions fine and doesn't require authentication every sync.

    You can do this by logging into Wells Fargo >  Click the "Welcome" drop-down at the top right, Click "Manage Access" > Click "Use Account Access Manager" > Click the "Guest Users" tab.

    This page will describe how guest users work. Then click "Add New User" to go through the process. You can just use your same first and last name, then choose a new username, like WhateverYNAB so you remember what it's for.  I'm not sure if you can use the same email as your main login, I just used another email I had. Then the most important part is lower on the page, you can choose 'access level' for each bank account, so I just choose "view only" for all of them, then submit.

    Then you can just use that login for YNAB.

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