New Import Company is Terrible

YNAB apparently changed the company that they use to import transactions. It's terrible, and no longer imports any useful information. For example, we paid AT&T electronically and the payee filed would have AT&T identified. Now it simply says "SaleTransaction"  - which is totally useless. This is one of dozens of transactions that no longer make any sense.

I have to go back and try to pick through my bank records to figure out what the YNAB expense is so I can categorize it. 

Is there any way to "teach" YNAB.  For example, if "SaleTransacton" remains the same moving forward,  (it will probably change) can I somehow teach YNAB to place "AT&T" in the payee field automatically? 

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  • Hey Violet Dragon ! If you click on the SaleTransaction payee, then on Bank Import Details, you'll see as it appears on your statement. Does that have more detailed information?

    You're right, and the transaction data will look different with the new import partner than before. You may need to rename payees the first time they import, and YNAB will remember the new rules going forward. You can use Payee Management feature to help as well!

    I'd recommend giving that a try first, and if it doesn't do the trick—you can reach out via the Bank Importing form and our team is happy to check if another provider would be a better fit for your connections. 

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