Struggling with callback URIs for iOS



I have been working for a week on sketching an iOS app using YNAB API then when I started developing, I was faced with the nightmare of authentication.


Now I am trying to test authenticating using my client Id. I found out the below:

  • Redirect URIs I pass to the API won't work unless they are defined in the API portal
  • The problem: I can't add a redirect URI that is a custom iOS scheme.

To elaborate on the problem: In iOS (as you might know), we have the custom URL schemes which are the easiest way to establish a callback URI for cases where I don't need apps or websites to link to my app except for this one use case (The YNAB auth flow).

They can be as simple as the scheme without any params like this: "chartsforynab://" which when I test in Safari is more than to open back my app after the authentication happened.

Problem is, it can't be added in YNAB API portal, it says "URI must be an absolute value" :(


Please check the attached screenshot and video.

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  • Forget it. I actually ended up adding a part to the URL that I don't need to make YNAB accept it like

    chartsforynab://auth or chartsforynab://anything

  • Hey Boda !

    I think the way that you set things up is the way that most of our API integrations do, because we haven't run into many requests for help with the authorization flow, especially specific to the URL schemes and the URI. But if you'd like, I'd be happy to help troubleshoot that with you if you need!

      • Boda
      • boda
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      Chrissy Thanks! As I mentioned in my comment, it is all solved now :)

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