Credit Card transactions reversed?

In my credit card accounts, the money spent is marked as "outflow" and payment amounts are marked as "inflow".  This seems to be correct, however, the behavior within the budget is not expected. 

For example, a card I owe money on has a balance of -$100.00, whilst my bank shows me as having a balance of $100.   In the budget it marks this as me having an "Available Amount" of $100.00 in green.  This does not seem correct, as I owe $100.00 on the card and have budgeted $0 to the account. 

Is there any way to reverse this or is this the intended behavior?  I tried to go back and swap all the transactions so the CC balance would line up correctly, but all the payments from my checking accounts then went as inflows to the respective accounts, causing them to be wildly out of sync.

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  • The $100 available in the credit card payments section is the money set aside to make a payment.  THis is what you want.

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    • satcook hmm that does make sense albeit a bit confusing.  When I try and budget for it then I should set the amount as $0.00 then to reflect the desired balance?

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      Salmon Display The desired Available amount in the CC Payment category should match the account balance as a positive number.

      Again, YNAB increases the category for budgeted purchases. The only time you need to budget to the CC Payment category is for things other than budgeted purchases. For example, a starting balance, purchase reward statement credit, or credit overspending in a previous month.

  • Budgeted purchases on the card increase the amount Available for payment. The category does not represent your debt. (The account balance does that.)

  • Salmon Display said:
    whilst my bank shows me as having a balance of $100. 

    For whatever reason, the CC websites typically quote what you owe as a positive number. YNAB deals with both debt and cash and uses a negative account balance to denote debt.

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