How to enter money from an untracked Certificate of Deposit

My wife and I "broke open" a Certificate of Deposit that was not tracked in YNAB. We deposited the funds into our checking account and intend to use the money to pay some debt. The money doesn't seem like "income" to me, since it was deposited in the CD before we began using YNAB. Maybe it is "old income?" Just looking for some guidance.


Thank you for any assistance.

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  • Income: Use To Be Budgeted. As far as your budget is concerned it's plain old income.

    If the CD had been part of your budget originally, then when you had added it, it would have gone to TBB like every other budget account, and the interest would also have been TBB like every other account.

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  • The category is "Inflow: To Be Budgeted" not "Income: To Be Budgeted". Yes, there's an "Income" section on one of the reports, but even that's accurate as "income" is simply money "coming in" to your budget. It is not synonymous with "paycheck".

    Even if you view this as a "return" -- the original CD outflow is wrapped up in the starting balance -- returns should always be categorized back to the original outflow category... which is also Inflow: To Be Budgeted.

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  • What I read is that you have never track the original deposit to the CD in YNAB. So, it is money that needs to go to Inflow:TBB in the same way as an income tax return. It is "new" money to YNAB because it was never there before.

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