Can't delete a category, why?


I'm coming from YNAB 4 and did a fresh start. All my categories were kept as planned, but there is now a new one called "Credit Card Payments", where YNAB automatically added some of my old very old categories; I can't delete them, just hide them. Ideas? Thank you!

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  • You don't want to delete or hide them if they correspond to accounts you'll use for budgeted purchases. If that's not the case, then delete the associated account and the category will disappear as well.

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  • If you are talking about a category group, as opposed to a single category, the only option is to hide the group.

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  • FYI, YNAB4 had a category for the CC debt (under the Pre-YNAB Debt group) and the amount reserved for payment was left up to you to calculate as the difference between account and category balances. A lot of people didn't do that right, so one of the overhauls YNAB did is to explicitly show you that amount reserved for payment. That's what that category represents -- those dollars have the job of "Pay down CC debt".

    Just like in YNAB4, you'll need to budget to reserve funds for any starting balance. A paid-in-full card (YNAB4 Pre-YNAB debt category was $0) should have its Available equal to the account balance (as a positive number, of course).

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  • Thank you! it's just a single category, non the category group. "..delete the associated account and the category will disappear as well" = ok! thanks

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