Transactions for Automatic Transfers from Checking to Savings Disappearing

 Earlier, I went to approve my daily transactions on my checking account on the app. I have a weekly amount set to transfer from checking to savings (different banks, both accounts linked). I'm 100% sure I saw and approved the transaction, but I didn't get a screenshot unfortunately. However, when I pulled up the account, both on mobile and the web app, the transaction does not show up under the checking account as outgoing. Oddly, it did deduct the $25 amount.

So now, my checking account balance in YNAB and the bank's website are the same, but with one less transaction.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the transaction stays in "limbo" until it shows up as received by the savings account bank. On the checking account's website, the transaction shows up each Wednesday as pending  and clears on Thursday. Whereas on the savings account website, it shows up as  in-process first on Thursday and then cleared on Friday.

I'll give it until Friday and send an update, but is this the intended behavior of the app? It would be nice if it would show up as soon as the transaction is imported from my checking account, so that I could reconcile my account on Wednesdays or Thursdays if I'd like.

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  • I wonder if you've reconciled and then hidden that outflow in YNAB. Do you see it if you show reconciled transactions?

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  • No, I don't see it. I actually had it set to show reconciled transactions already. Didn't realize you could hide those until now. Thanks for the tip! :)

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  • Hi ransom !

    By chance, do you manually enter transactions? Since those transfers are scheduled to take place weekly, for the same amount, if you manually entered the transaction for last week, this week's import could match to it (manually entered transactions for the same amount within 10 days of the imported transaction will match automatically). 

    If that's not the case, I'm hoping you'll see it show up in the next day or so. 

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  • Faness , thanks for your reply. Originally, I had set up a recurring transfer, but I thought I cancelled it once I realized I can import from both banks. (I wasn't sure how manually recurring transactions I schedule connect with imported ones.) I see both transfers from previous weeks, but I don't see a new one that was matched. The transaction hasn't cleared the bank at my savings account yet it seems, so I guess I'll have to wait until that happens to see what YNAB will do with it.

    I do know for sure that I approved the transaction from my checking account; it has cleared and deducted the $25 from my balance to match the bank's website balance, but still isn't showing up in YNAB in either account. Very strange... will update once the transaction clears the savings account bank.

  • Turns out it did reappear in the outflow account once it cleared the inflow bank,  which is a bit strange. I'll just have to remember not to try to reconcile in the middle of those transactions each week. Thanks for your help.

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