Budgeting Canceled Services Question?

Good evening, I am curious what is the proper way to delete an entry on my budget. I have a couple of subscriptions that I canceled. I waited till the next month ( This Month ) to remove them from my list as I should not be billed this month.

When I went to delete the budget entry, YNAB asked me to reassign the old entries. Is there a generally accepted way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • It is better to hide any category that has had transactions so you don't need to recategorize or lose data.

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  • Hi Purple Lion !

    When you delete a category with previous transactions, two things happen:

    1) You're asked to recategorize (or uncategorize) past transactions in the category.

    2) All the money budgeted to that category (in all months) is sent back To be Budgeted, so you'll likely want to move money to the category you chose in the first step.

    Now, if you delete a category with any credit card spending, this action not only impacts To be Budgeted, the category you're deleting, and the one where you're recategorizing the transactions—but your credit card payment categories as well.

    That's why we highly recommend hiding categories instead, as the changes you see in your budget might be different than what you expected, even though the math checks out.

    One way to feel more confident in the math is to look at how much you have To be Budgeted and Total Available (the sum of the Available column, which you'll see in the right sidebar when no categories are selected). The sum of those two values will be the same before and after deleting a category.

    I hope that's reassuring, so you can move money to where you need it to be—including those credit card payments!

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