Mint or YNAB

I’ve been using mint for years and started looking at YNAB.  Is there any tools for an easy migration?  I like how I can see all my accounts in mint.  Seems like a lot of work to move.  Why make the switch?

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  • Mint is great at telling you where your money went. YNAB is great at planning where your money will go. Very different purposes.

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  • You cannot use YNAB the same way you use Mint, which is the first big thing to know. They are designed to do budgeting in completely different ways. Before even contemplating a switch I would recommend looking at the educational materials on the main YNAB site and seeing if the method interests you first.

    YNAB is an electronic version of the envelope budgeting system, where you work with cash you have, not how you think the cash you will receive in the future will play out. The YNAB software is designed to work with that system, so if you try to use it like a forecasting budget (Mint) then you will run into an endless amount of problems.

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  • Mint and YNAB are totally different animals.  I use Mint also, to track my Net worth (retirement balances and home value, mostly) and my credit score and see my accounts in one place.  I tried to use the budgeting features in Mint and they are way less sophisticated than YNAB.  If you're happy with Mint and you don't have financial goals that you're not quite able to meet because your budget is more of an after the fact tracking system than a before the fact checking system (ie you check if you have money to spend on a category BEFORE you spend it) then stick with Mint.  If you think you could make a little more progress with a little more mindful budgeting, try YNAB.  You can try the first 34 days free. 


    The initial learning curve is a bit steep, but there are a lot of tools and workshops and videos to help you get started, not to mention this forum.

  • This is like asking Toyota Camry or Ferrari? There is no migration path between these two. YNAB is forward looking. Yes, it will take work to move but you get out of it what you put into it. My guess is you're not getting too far ahead using Mint's hands off approach. YNAB is a world class budgeting solution. It helps you to maximize your money to the penny. Mint just shows you where your money went after the fact.

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  • Hey Steel Blue Pegasus ! I'm glad that you're giving YNAB a spin. The one thing I'll say about Mint is... they don't have Hannah! She walks through some of the differences mentioned above in her YNAB vs Mint video.

    If you have any questions as you get started, you can ask questions here in the Forum or reach out to our support team directly by clicking the "?" in corner of your budget. We're always happy to help!

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