Why are my budget account nicknames suddenly shortening?

About 1-2 months ago, shortly after updating to a newer version, my budget account nicknames started reading like "Amazon C..." instead of "Amazon CC - Shared with the Kids." There is plenty of space where the ... is and following it, so I am looking for advice on how to display the longer account nicknames. 



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  • Do you use the YNAB Toolkit? I believe it includes a feature to widen the bar that displays account names. Currently none of mine have shortened.

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  • Hi Lavender Trombone !

    I think MomonWheels is right. This is an issue we've seen with the YNAB Toolkit. If you open YNAB in an Incognito/Private window or in a different browser, are you still seeing that issue?

  • I see the same issue and I don't have the toolkit installed. My account name "💳 Amazon Visa" gets shortened to "💳 Amazon Vi…", it'll only display in full if I remove a letter, e.g. "💳 Amazn Visa".

    Safari 13.1

    • Peter Thanks for sharing! Has that account always shown the full name until recently? I see 13 characters in an account name before it trails off (though an emoji may count as multiple characters). When you have a moment, can you submit a Bug Report so our Bugs Team can take a closer look?

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      Faness I can't say because I only recently added that account, but I will report the bug later when I'm off work

  • I do use Toolkit Reports, but this only started happening a short while ago. I have plenty of space in the column, so it's not an issue like that. After reading Peter's situation, I went back and played around with the account names. When I shortened one to "Amazon CC" it showed completely, but when I tried "Amazon CC123" it showed "Amazon C..." Same when I tried "Amazon CC12" and "Amazon CC1." 

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