I appear to have more money in my bank account than what YNAB says I have. This is my second month using YNAB.

How do I add the extra money into my budget so that I can still "trust" it?

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  • This happens to me when there's a check out there yet to be cashed, or an expense I recorded in YNAB but hasn't cleared yet at my bank.  Another possibility is an inflow (extra income, a transfer, a check deposit) that you put in your bank but forgot to record in YNAB, or the wrong starting balance last month. Did you try reconciling or look back over your records to see if something is missing?

    If you're sure the bank account is right, you can do an easy adjustment by clicking the edit button on the account name in the left panel. Where it says "Today's balance" just put your current bank balance, and YNAB will add a transaction that adjusts your account (and to be budgeted amount) to match your bank record.

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  • You need to reconcile frequently. Your cleared account balances in YNAB should always match your cleared account balances of your accounts found online.

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  • Reconciling your bank account is the way you get your account to match 

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  • I reconcile daily and do it manually (do not like automatic import).  Once you establish a routine it only takes a few minutes to maintain each day.

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  • I had this problem a LOT at the start. It turned out not all transactions were cleared even though I really thought they were. It’s the default to save them as uncleared so it’s easily done.

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