Balances not correct for linked tracking accounts

I have a number of linked tracking accounts - 401k, 529c, and mutual funds.  When I first linked them in YNAB, the balances were correct.  However, over time the balances do not stay current, and continue to diverge further from the correct balance.   After a couple weeks, they are not even close to the correct amount.

YNAB shows a checkmark next to the accounts, and hovering over each checkmark shows a "GOOD" link that was updated a few minutes ago.  This is the case for all the accounts.

By comparison, both Mint and Personal Capital show the correct balances for all accounts, so I'm pretty confident the problem is with YNAB.


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  • I read through this whole thread and was like, yeah, YNAB, you should fix this.  Then I went in to download the file from my bank for my new mortgage ... and quickly realized why automatic import is "different" for loans.  My bank's transactions on the mortgage show all the amounts that are moving around - interest, principle, taxes going in and out ... sort of.  Transactions are shown in the full amount that happens, as an aggregate ... but only the principle portion of the monthly payment actually changes the balance.  I can see that would be extremely challenging to import automatically.  Since this is the only account I'm tracking of this sort, I'll just manage it manually, no worries.  

    • Sea Green Zebra YNAB is working on debt tracking and may address mortgages there. We are talking about investment account tracking.


      For those,  you have an ending account balance each day. It’s how YNAB gets your starting balance for investment/tracking accounts. If it can be retrieved when adding an account, it can be retrieved when refreshing. That’s all we are requesting. Refresh it. Don’t auto add it and then ignore it.

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  • Just want to add a vote for this feature to be created! Seems like a simple add...I guess Mint is worth keeping for just this purpose.

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  • The last update included some wording that indicated this issue was going to be addressed. Any other formal word about that?

    • That Mike Guy Was that in the Release Notes? If you can point me toward a particular date, I'm happy to investigate and clarify. Many of our recent updates have been related to the new Loan Planner!

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