Initial introduction of Shared Categories (Shares categories between budgets!)

Hey there! I have been using this script I've made for a couple of weeks now and it's gotten to the point where I haven't really been having issues, so I figured now is the time to post this.


The script lets you share categories between multiple budgets, while still maintaining control of your personal budget. Essentially it creates transactions in an "IOU" account whenever a transaction is entered to one of the shared categories. It does this by copying the transaction to the receiver, and splitting the amount to the Delta (IOU) account.


It also updates the IOU accordingly if the amount changes, the category is changed, or if a transaction is deleted.



Budget A spends -100$ in Groceries, in the account Visa
Budget B receives a transaction of -100$ in Groceries, in the account Delta
Budget A and B both recieve +50$ in their Delta accounts in the category: To Be Budgeted. 


It also should support multiple YNAB users, but it's not 100% tested for issues yet. Only lacking proper subtransaction (split transaction) support, whenever they are edited/deleted.


The script & some instructions can be found here:


I haven't been able to figure out how to host it on my server yet with easy oAuth, so setup isn't as straightforward as I would like it to be. But it's relatively easy to automate using a Raspberry Pi.


I hope the instructions are clear enough. I'm not a developer of any kind, so if there's anything I could do differently to make it easier to setup please let me know :). Ideally I'd want to host a website with oAuth as mentioned, but I just don't know how to.


It does work on Windows/Mac, as long as you have Python 2.7.13 installed, but not sure how to periodically run it automatically. (


If there are any issues/bugs or anything else, please let me know :)

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  • Thanks.  I'm not to this point yet, but seems like a perfect fit for parents and children using different budgets, or special projects to main budget, etc. 

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