Increase credit card limit

I have just had a rather large expense which has require me to increase my credit card limit. The credit card limit was increased to the dollar for this expense. How do I go about increasing my credit card limit? Im not even worried about budgeting for it as it is straight in and out. Do I just manually adjust the balance on my credit card?

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  • There is nothing you have to do to your credit card account in YNAB because it neither knows nor cares what your card limit is. 

    If you don’t have the full amount budgeted to the appropriate category in YNAB, as much as you are able, reallocate from other categories. If it still isn’t enough to cover the purchase, the category will go orange (credit card overspending) once you enter the transaction. That’s a factual representation of what happened. If you haven’t fixed the overspend by the time the month turns to March, YNAB will automatically turn the category overspending into credit card debt. 

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  • Thank you for your reply. I get what I need to do now. Not looking forward to seeing that orange on my budget but its all good. Thanks for taking the time. Im just going to create a category for that expense for now.

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