Cannot find TD Bank checking account for direct login

I have a TD bank checking and savings account, and I've been able to direct import them to YNAB before. I took a few months hiatus from YNAB, and just started up again, and I cannot find them on the direct import list of banks. These are personal checking accounts, but all that seem to come up are TD business or onlineaccessplus when I search TD, neither of which allow me to use my personal account logins. Am I missing something? How do I add a regular checking account? I don't see just a TD bank or online banking direct import option. 

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  • Hi there Maroon Sidewinder !

    Our Direct Import partner is currently investigating some issues with the TD Bank connection. I've reached out via email, from with a little more information!

    While they do that, I recommend checking out our File Based Importing option. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  • Any news on this? I think this has been going on for a few months now, judging by the forum posts. 

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    • Hi Slate Blue Saxophone !

      The only insight our provider was able to offer is there are currently conversations going on at the partnership level with TD on how to move forward. When they say this, it typically means TD Bank is blocking and/or limiting data aggregation via third parties.

      While there’s been some movement, they weren’t able to offer a definite timeline on when it will be resolved. I reached out to you via email, with more information!

      Let me know if you have questions!

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    • Slate Blue Saxophone Slate Blue Saxophone No, which is very frustrating. I love YNAB but this makes it impossible to use it for budgeting the way I want. Other direct import budgeting  program I've trialed connect to TD bank just fine.

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    • Hi Maroon Sidewinder !

      Sorry for the trouble! Our Direct Import partner has been working on this issue with TD Bank for quite some time. After TD Bank updated their system platform, our Direct Import partner has had to rebuild their integration and it's proven to be more difficult than we could have imagined. We're still hoping to see this resolved in the future, but we don't currently have a timeline available.

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      • JYR
      • Magenta_Cleric.3
      • 3 mths ago
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      Faness I know there's no timeline, but is there anyway TD Bank can make exceptions to users on a case by case basis? I just started my free trial with YNAB and would love to use it, but TD Bank is my only bank and I don't think I will bother paying for a service that doesn't connect with my main bank. Bummer since I do need a budget, but I'm not switching banks.

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    • Hi JYR ! Our provider let us know that this is connection issue typically means TD Bank is blocking and/or limiting data aggregation via third parties. That's a roadblock our Direct Import partner isn't able to get around, and they're working with TD Bank on a solution.

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  • Would like to sign on w/ YNAB for a year, but can't get past the block with TD Bank. I will need to find another program that links with my bank. 😟 

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    • Violet Lightning  Sending TD Bank an email also to request a connection with YNAB.

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    • Hi Violet Lightning !

      Sorry for the trouble and thank you for being proactive by reaching out to TD Bank! We're still working with our import partner on a fix, but this has been a long standing issue that's going to take more time. We hope you'll give File-Based Importing a try in the meantime! :)

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  • it's too bad I no longer have the patience to do programming.  If I really put my mind to it, I could probably use the API to write a script to login to the easyweb site, do a manual download and then import the file from the default web download folder.  Maybe someone else with more time and patience could figure it out.


    I too use TD mostly out of necessity.  There really isn't any point in switching banks until all my debt is paid off, or at the very least my overdraft balance..

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  • Yes this is terrible. TD Bank is terrible on many levels (their hold music talking about "legendary customer service" is almost offensive it's so laughable). I am on a free trial right now too and am stunned that TD Bank is so late to the game that they are not participating. I second the need to have them join!! It would be so much less convenient to have to manually load purchases.

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    • Mntnlion  I did MINT for years using my TD account. I emailed Customer Service @ TD Bank and requested they open my account to YNAB. We'll see. I'm back with MINT.

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      • Mntnlion
      • mntnlion
      • 5 days ago
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      Violet Lightning Yeah I have mint too but I just don’t love it and had hoped to augment it with budgeting here. I hope TD bank gets themselves in gear... 

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