Import Warning: This transaction was previously categorized as Pre-YNAB debt

I'm a YNAB4 user that finally decided the mobile features and auto-importing made it worth upgrading. I imported my budget because I wanted to continue to be able to report on history over time. I was prepared for the differences and adjusted the category overspending for the last year and a few other issues. I knew there were some issues in the history but I wasn't too worried about it. Everything was good to go forward.

However, today I linked my accounts and clicked the View Unapproved and Uncategorized transactions filter -- and realized that I have 60+ transactions showing up without a category from 2015-17. The message is - Import Warning: This transaction was previously categorized as Pre-YNAB debt. I paid off all my credit card debt in 2017 so fortunately this is not an issue more recently but I would really prefer that these didn't keep showing up. 

My question is -- what category can I assign these to that won't mess things up? It looks like they're mostly Interest Charges (Outflows) and Payments (Inflows). Suggestions?

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  • The migration is not a clean process, especially if you have credit cards or used the Red Arrow in YNAB4..

    If you don't care about tracking categories on these, set them as Inflow To Be Budgeted. Then go into the present month clean up your credit card payment categories so the payment category balance has enough money to pay the entire CC balance, and adjust the budget amounts in your categories so they are correct. Also check hidden categories for balances when they should have been zero.

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  • Thanks. That's what I did for the red arrows but I wasn't sure if it was the same for these old  uncategorized transactions. Ok, so I set them to To Be Budgeted, and adjusted my payment and everything seems to be fine. But I'm not sure I fully understand what setting those past transactions to TBB does exactly. Can someone explain?

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      Terri Torrez  Outflows to TBB in a credit card account increase carried debt. The inflows to TBB in a credit card account decrease carried debt. Carried debt is the difference between your CC payment Available amount and the actual CC balance when the payment available amount is smaller (closer to zero).

      In YNAB4, the Pre-YNAB category was a way of storing the balance you had no intention of paying off at the time, segregating the debt from the rest of the budget. In the new YNAB, instead of storing the carried debt in a category as a negative number, your budget manages how much you can pay / intend to pay.

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