YNAB Wins - 2 weeks in

Just started on YNAB a couple weeks ago and am getting settled in.  This is my first REAL time budgeting - at age 35.
Win: I actually know what I have my money for by "giving every dollar a job".

My wife and I have often spent our money in accounts without paying attention to where we're spending.  The "giving every dollar a job" has helped with my mental peace in knowing that while the bank accounts might seem lower than I like, we're covered and have money dedicated to where it needs to be.

I like having a buffer that makes me feel more comfortable, even though that buffer has no REAL purpose.  Now that I've given my $ a purpose, I know how much I have to spend in a given area.

Last night was 31st - we worked hard and had a difficult month...and still had money in the "take out" category, so sushi it was!  I did it KNOWING that we had $ set aside and budgeted for that.

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  •  Love that personal reward. I keep a little extra in one of my fun money categories for stuff like this - it's way better to reward yourself for making effort and meeting reasonable goals than it is to punish yourself for not reaching extraordinary goals.

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