Link new Credit Card when you have fraud...

This month I had a couple of fraudulent charges on my credit card.  I reported and canceled the card and the company sent me a new card.  Nothing in how I did my online banking there changed.  I just had to go to my auto-payments and update with my new card.  

However... after that, none of my charges on my new card were available for import.  I didn't know why and thought it was a problem with the link so I went to end the link and make a new one.  I noticed when I did it that it said I had 2/3 accounts linked.  I new of my CC and auto loan but I pondered over the third and then I realized that my new credit card was the "3" and that while the bank was still linked that particular account was not.  Once I had linked the new account everything worked like a charm and I had 32 transactions to import.  LOL

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  • Hi Orchid Belle !

    Yay! I'm happy you were able to get that account up and running! Direct import can be finicky, but new cards usually mean having to connect to a separate account in YNAB - even if you keep the same account through your bank. This isn't always the case, but I'm happy that fixed your issue! :)

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