Fresh start on only some accounts?

Hi there,


I've been using YNAB for several years and it's really helped me, but I occasionally have a problem and I'm wondering if there's a workaround.


I have ADHD and while I do a lot of work on compensating - and YNAB helps a lot in addressing this - but still it seems like a couple of times a year, one of my accounts just won't reconcile and I can't figure out why. It might be that I wrote a transaction down wrong, or forgot one, or any number of things, but I'm left in the same spot: the account balance in YNAB doesn't show the correct amount and going back several months left me unable to find out what's causing it.

Many times this happens with my Health Savings Account. This has an associated debit card that I can only use on health expenses, and I have auto-deposited amounts that go into it. I budget that money to the Health Expenses category instead of To Be Budgeted, because I cannot spend that money on any other budget category and I don't want to accidentally try to budget it elsewhere. The account pretty much always has a balance. If I try to automatically reconcile the budget, YNAB will either put the extra into To Be Budgeted or, if the discrepancy isn't positive, will take it away from there. I don't want it to do that! I know how much is in the account, and it isn't general budget, it needs to be separate.

This can sometimes also happen with credit cards that have a balance (please don't tell me that I shouldn't have that. I know, but it's a work in progress and I still have to work with where I am right now.) In that case, sometimes the reconciliation will try to take the extra money out of the budget or add it in, and neither one of those is desirable because I have all my paychecks completely allocated and don't have room to make up for some random past error right now.

What I usually do is let it go unresolved in frustration until I can't stand it anymore and just make a Fresh Start, starting with the balances I know are right. But I don't like losing the records of stuff I know is right, because there's a lot of work involved in re-creating all my category balances and such.

Is there some way to Fresh Start *only a single account,* so that I can tell YNAB "look, just trust me, this is the correct balance for this account, can we please move on from here without going back and changing stuff outside this account?"

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