Category moves to cover overspend / yellow indicator

I'm in my first month of working with YNAB, have a question regarding overspending & coverage.

1) I moveed $50 from my fun money category budget to the dining out budget,  to cover an unplanned meal out.

2) Even though the fun money budgeted and available are now identical, available is showing as yellow.  

3) The detail section on the right hand side of page is showing a yellow banner, telling me I'm $50 below my goal for the month and need to budget another $50 to stay on track.

Should I just leave this as yellow?  And it will it stay yellow for next month as well?

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  • If you don't find the goal indicator worth it, you can remove the goal. otherwise you will need to ignore the underfunded indicator.

  • Each month is independent.

    For some of the goals, you can turn off the warning for the current month by editing the goal in NEXT month's area and confirming the same information.

    Trying to do this for a Spending goal will require that you adjust the goal amount if you have made any spending thus far. Probably easier to leave it yellow.

  • Thank you.  I'm going to leave it yellow.  I find it annoying. Which is probably a good thing, in terms of forcing me to confront the fact I had to move money to cover an overspend (the dinner wasn't worth it, in retrospect) 🙂

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