YNAB and PNC Bank

My wife and I are moving and have to switch banks as a result. We are looking at PNC bank but customer support with YNAB informed us that direct import includes double transactions because of pending transactions showing up. 


Does anyone use direct import from PNC bank successfully? Have you seen this issue? How have you worked around it if so? 


Not happy with YNABs answer that nothing can be done. 

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  • Hi Khaki Camera !

    Sorry for the trouble here! I'm hoping a YNABer who uses PNC will chime in with their personal experience. I don't use PNC but I do see the issue with their files noted and our Direct Import partner is currently working on fixing another issue with transactions importing incorrectly. PNC connections have been somewhat problematic as of late, but I'm hopeful they'll improve going forward. 

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  • I use PNC. They’ve always worked well for me. The last month has seen a couple issues like importing into the wrong account and doubling every transaction but the YNAB team is looking into it. 

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  • Just got hit with this yesterday, for the first time. Duplicates, and old transactions raised from the grave. I tried to contact YNAB support via the Android App, and no response, and no "views" from them. I just 'e-mail'ed them (within the webapp) from the desktop web site, so hopefully will hear back soon. Is there an "undo" and/or "retry" for a bad import from banks? The mess I have to clean up is kinda daunting (54 bad transactions intermixed with real transactions).

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    • Sorry for the trouble, Jesse Adelman !

      In the web app you're able to Undo an import, but those transactions will re-import the next time you click the Import button.

      Our Direct Import partner is currently working on a fix for this issue. We’ll post updates on our Status Page as we hear back from our Direct Import partner, so please check in with us there! 

      To keep everything up to speed, you can delete the duplicates as they import and reconcile your account from the web app to ensure the balance matches your bank.

      And as always, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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    • Faness What I'd prefer is the option to a) Undo a bad import, b) then, temporarily disable all future imports, c) turn on imports again when the issue seems to have passed. None of this Rejecting-50+-transactions-individually hassle.

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  • I am a long-time YNAB user and bank and PNC. The connection has been a pain for months now. The connection gets broken and it takes multiple tries to re-establish--so many that PNC forced me to re-register my account there due to excessive failed login attempts. Once re-established--and sometimes spontaneously--large numbers of duplicate transactions get added, forcing a tedious culling by hand (especially if you have transactions that look nearly alike). 

    Check out the status page (http://status.youneedabudget.com/pages/570bf4ac3f22d07560000b1e) and multiply that by x2, since YNAB is under-reporting the problems. Since I can't change banks, I'm having to re-think my YNAB subscription. If you have a choice, you might aim for a bank with a higher reliability rating (bottom of page).

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    • Hi Silver Flute !

      Sorry for the trouble! We're currently experiencing multiple issues with PNC bank (there's currently three active incidents on the status page you linked). Some users aren't able to connect at all and those that can connect are seeing either duplicates or incorrect imports.

      We're working with our Direct Import partner to get these issues ironed out, but we'll need a bit more time to do so.

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    • Faness 

      Thank you. I use PNC for all banking. I’m not changing PNC. So, if YNAB doesn’t connect up to PNC, then we have major problems. 

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    • Hi Turquoise Banjo !

      The issues mentioned above with PNC were from a month ago and have since been resolved. I took a look and I'm seeing a different error on your account.

      The error I'm seeing on your PNC connection that typically means invalid credentials have been entered. In these cases, we’d like to double check a few things to make sure no stone is left unturned!

      Here are some things you can try that should help resolve this issue:

      — Check to make sure the web address you use to log into your online banking account matches the URL you see in YNAB.

      — If you’re using a password manager, try typing your login credentials in manually.

      — Log into your financial institution's online banking account, then immediately try reconnecting the account in YNAB.

      If you're still running into trouble, let me know and we'll go from there! 

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    • Faness Sorry! - Still running into trouble. 

      - I manually entered my PNC credentials and I know they are correct - no luck. 

      - Then, I logged into PNC (no incognito window just plain browser) and then immediately logged into YNAB on a MacBook Air using Safari - no luck

      - https://help.youneedabudget.com/86c94321350b -- appears to be a dead link.

      very strange! I'm sure there's something I'm doing wrong here....

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    • Hi Turquoise Banjo ! I hope you don't mind me stepping in for Faness here. 😄 With PNC's recent updates,  you will need to enroll your mobile device within your PNC Online Banking account to receive a passcode. Have you done that yet?

      You can find instructions for how to do that here. After you enroll your number, head back to YNAB and try connecting there. You can click the Import button in your YNAB account register and follow the prompts. 

      If you still aren’t able to connect, let’s have you then try removing the connection and re-adding it to start with a fresh connection.  If you find that you still aren’t able to connect, let us know and we'll have our import partner look closer!

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    • Nicole Hi Nicole. I removed the connection and then re-added. Problem solved. Thank you!

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  • I've had a lot of problems using PNC with YNAB.  I'm currently experiencing the same duplicate transaction issue and I have connection problems (logging-in) every 2-3 weeks.  I haven't had any problems with AMEX but PNC has been a challenge.

    I'm not sure what else to do at this point but I've considered dropping PNC purely because I'm so invested in YNAB!

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    • Hi cmd8 ! Sorry you're having trouble with that connection. It's been a troublesome one lately! 😅

      We're currently experiencing multiple issues with PNC bank. Some users aren't able to connect at all and those that can connect are seeing either duplicates or incorrect imports (like you mentioned). We're working with our Direct Import partner to get these issues ironed out, and hope to have better news for you soon!

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  • I use PNC and it has generally worked well for me. There are several recent issues, as noted above and on the status page, but I know YNAB is working on it and am confident they'll get sorted. In the meantime, I'm  just manually putting in my transactions, and double checking them by logging in to PNC and looking at my account details there.

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    • Thanks Spring Green Jackal ! We really appreciate your patience on this, while we work with the Direct Import partner to get the connection back up and running!

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  • FYI, I just chatted with a PNC rep and they told me 

    PNC has temporarily suspended its connectivity with a third-party data aggregator as we work together to ensure compliance with PNC’s security standards. This action may temporarily impact your usage of certain third-party applications that you have connected to your PNC account.

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    • Navy Blue Rain thanks for the update. I hope they get it straightened out soon. I’d leave PNC before I’d leave YNAB.

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    • Navy Blue Rain  Thank you so much for letting us know!

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  • I just started my 34 day trial with YNAB. I hope I can trial the features with my PNC account. Right now I can't get anything off the ground till this gets fixed...

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    • Hi Glenn ! Welcome to You Need A Budget! We're sorry the trouble there, and are working with our import partner to get that connection up and running again. When you're ready to budget, just send us a quick message—and we'd be happy to restart the trial for you!

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      • Glenn
      • Purple_Unicorn.3
      • 2 mths ago
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      Nicole - actually I started using YNAB in manual mode - and I might prefer this! Your programmers are top notch. Very nice, smooth, fluid interface. Took me a while to understand the concepts but once it clicked I am off and running. I may want to link up PNC later when available but maybe not... 😀

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    • Glenn I'm so glad to hear that! ❤️ Let us know if we can do anything to help you along the way! 

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  • I have been using YNAB online for over a year with our PNC accounts and it has been almost seamless, until the past week or so. Last week it started duplicating transactions, which didn't bother me too much since I go over my YNAB daily, but this week I haven't been able to connect at all. I am getting more and more frustrated with PNC and if this isn't resolved I may be switching to another bank. 

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  • FYI, the YNAB PNC status report seems bogus:

    https://status.youneedabudget.com/ (at the very bottom of the page):

    "PNC Bank          Connection Success: 95.6% "

    That's in the last 24 hours. Does that really mean that 95.6% of folks who use PNC with YNAB are getting downloads of transactions fine? If so, why is mine not? Methinks that this status may be misleading us.

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    • Hi Jesse Adelman ! That is a great question! The institution stats are calculated across our three import partners, and based on if a user is successfully connected.

      With changes PNC made to their security standards, we're seeing a few different errors on successful connections that are included in the 95.6%, because they are typically controlled by the user (password/MFA). Which is why that number looks higher than you'd expect!

      Sorry for the confusion there! I've passed your feedback along, so our team can look into how we communicate that number.

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  • Is there an ETA for resolving the PNC issues? 

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  • My recommendation: Do NOT choose PNC.  I have a credit union account (checking & savings) that works flawlessly.  My PNC acccounts... not so much.  Pick a bank that works with YNAB.   I'm transitioning everything to the credit union and will be closing my PNC accounts.  Not worth it.

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    • Hi Pink Pony ! When a financial institution makes changes to their online banking platform, changes need to be made to re-establish a connection and import transactions. The necessary changes are typically able to be made, but it depends on the complexity and will take some time to do so (unfortunately we don’t get an estimate).

      Connection issues can happen with any financial institution, but we do our best to work with our import partner to get them back up as soon as possible!

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  • @Pink Pony Haha, I just did the opposite. I love the theory of credit unions, but their implementation of services can be quite hit-or-miss. My last credit union gave me a lot of grief, and they actually kept the Credit Union own accounts *in PNC accounts*, so... I figured why not go with the source and eliminate the middleman? I would *love* to find a better Credit Union, because I like how tied a credit union can be to the local economy vs. a giant soulless megacorp like PNC, and I like the "customers are owners" idea, but I was faced with really bad fraud detection algorithms (false positives occurred very often) and their web site is reminiscent of  the web in 1998 that denied me access to my own money too often. And, sadly, my local crop of credit unions just have very poor reputations in terms of their electronic services, so I went the other way. YMMV. Cheers.

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  • Hi All!

    With the recent change PNC has been making to their security requirements, our import partner let us know that all PNC account connections will require user action to sync successfully again.

    In order to connect, you'll need to make sure you have enrolled your mobile number with PNC. You can find instructions for how to do that here. After you enroll your number, head back to YNAB and try connecting there. You can click the Import button in your YNAB account register and follow the prompts. 

    If you still aren’t able to connect, let’s have you then try removing the connection and re-adding it to start with a fresh connection and see how that goes!

    If aren’t able to connect after trying those steps, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look closer!

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  • Jonathan Copeland

    We have PNC and the YNAB direct imports are garbage.  It stops working over the weekend and it's a total crap shoot if/when it ever comes back.  I've contact support a few times gotta some various reasons but nothing ever fixes it.  I've started over a few times and it didn't help.  It's like they turn off a switch for PNC's weekend updates and sometimes dont turn it back on.  I'm seriously considering switching banks just because of this.

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    • Hi Cornflower Blue Piano !

      Sorry your experience with direct import hasn't been the best! Some financial institutions don't clear transactions over the weekends. This means a Saturday transaction wouldn't clear until Monday and it wouldn't import until late Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. 

      Chase bank is another example of this and I manually enter my weekend transactions to keep things up to date. There could be a number of reasons for a delay, but I'd expect those transactions to import no later than Wednesday.

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    • Faness Yeah this happens for weeks at a time it's not just the weekend posting.  Currently nothing has synced since 7/5 and its not the first time.  I've removed and readded the connection, re-enlisted the mobile device per PNC's instructions multiple times it just refuses to sync.

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    • Cornflower Blue Piano Thanks for giving those steps a try! We're happy to look closer at what's going on. I've reached out via email, to gather more information. 

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