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Can anybody tell me where to go to ask questions about the Toolkit?  I know it's not supported by YNAB.  I followed the link in the extension to the Github page ... but there doesn't seem to be a place there to ask questions.

Maybe somebody here knows the answer.  The toolkit has an option for "Hiding the Help (?) Button" .  This will be helpful for me since like my ledgers ordered from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom.  that means the "?" for help is always covering my running balance (also a toolkit feature).  The option says to "View the account-options popup (click your e-mail in the bottom left) to show or hide the help button."

I don't have an e-mail in the bottom left.  I do have an email in the upper right of my screen but that brings up YNAB stuff.  What am I missing.

thanks for any yelp.

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  • YNAB recently moved that from the bottom left to the top left.

  • Ok it wasn't as recent as I thought.  It is documented in the February 7th release notes.

  • Yeah I knew that. I accidentally said upper right in my post ... I meant upper left.  But even after finding it, I'm not finding how I use that to turn the help button on and off.  Do you know?

  • FOUND IT!  I had to save the option in the toolkit and then reload YNAB.  Now when I click my email address in the upper left of the screen, I see "Show Help Button".  

  • One of the Toolkit devs here. We'll have to update the description on that feature since YNAB changed its location.

    Glad you got things figured out. (And yes, if you want to enable or disable a Toolkit feature, you'll need to make the change in the Toolkit options, save the changes, and then refresh YNAB in order for them to show up properly.) 

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