Tracking Accounts and updated values


My tracking accounts are connected to their financial institutions, but no transactions flow in, which is really okay.  What I would like is for the value to stay updated.  Is this possible?

i would even like to update the value manually but on the iPad I don’t see a way to do that.



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  • Unfortunately, YNAB is rarely able to update investment accounts beyond an initial balance (and sometimes explicit buys/sells). The easiest way to keep these up to date is to reconcile monthly, enter the correct balance, and let YNAB add an adjustment transaction. Or track your investments with Mint or Personal Capital instead.

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  • Hi Green Door !

    We're hoping to someday see improvements with Tracking accounts, but for now, Mamster is right. You can reconcile that account in the web app, or do a quick account adjustment (in the web app, hover over the name of the account, click on the Edit symbol and update the amount listed there).

    In the iPad app, you'd need to manually enter a transaction to indicate the change in the account balance.

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  • If the balance is changing due to money moving out of your budget and into the account, such as a car loan, you can change the payee of the payment transaction to Transfer: <Tracking Account Name> and it will automatically create an inflow transaction in the tracking account for you to approve. 

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