Dividends reinvested appear as Payments vs Inflow

I have a Vanguard bond mutual fund -
that pays out monthly dividends, which are re-invested.
I have the fund listed as an Account - to be able to Direct Import.
The "import" grabs the monthly transaction, and it shows up as a "payment".
I have to manually edit the transaction from a "payment" to an "inflow" -
I guess this is happening because the reinvestment appears as a "purchase" ?

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  • Hi ps56k !

    That very well could be! Direct Import isn't designed to handle investment accounts, so we're typically only able to import your starting balance. It's a little different for every institution though, so it's not surprising that you're seeing some action there. 

    We're looking to make improvements here, of course, but you might not find it beneficial to connect these kinds of accounts at the moment — especially since they're typically tracking accounts and the balances don't impact your budget. 

    Here's the best way to setup and manage investment accounts:

    1. Add the account as a Tracking account > Other Liability

    2. Manually add the starting balance of the account

    3. Update the balance as it changes, as frequently as you wish.


    Let me know if you have any questions about that - I'm happy to help!

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