Reviewing 2017 Financial Goals

My husband and I had two major financial goals this year: pay off all our debt, and max out one retirement account that we've been contributing to but not maxing out with serious debt repayment.

Well, in March I paid my final student loan payment!  My total in student loans were pretty low in comparison to others, but my earning potential also isn't very high so it still felt like a burden.

We then turned around and in May we paid off my car.

Our first full month of YNAB was August.  We have used it to prioritize retirement savings, and we just budgeted our final "catchup" payment of the year.  In all honesty when we set our goals in January, I didn't think we would be able to accomplish both, but we did!  It feels pretty great.

I looked back at my account and looking at the graphs, this account has increased by over $10,000 (!!!!) in the past 12 months, which is more growth than I've seen...ever.  I'm really proud of our accomplishment and I can say, with confidence, that this program WORKS.

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    ROCK ON!

  • Great effort and fantastic results! Keep on budgeting, give all these dollars jobs and you will grow a nice buffer or emergency fund. 👍

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