Cost of living in south carolina

Hi, im new to this forum and have been using ynab for 6 months. Im interested in talking to any forum members from south carolina about cost of living there.

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  • Hi Maroon Lion !

    I'm going to move this to the Travel section to see if it picks up any traction there! I'd love to weigh in, but I've never been to South Carolina (I may have to add it to my places to visit)! :)

  • Hi I’m from SC. What questions do you have?

    • Navy Blue Case how high generally are the property taxes and utility rates?  Also, how’s employment?

    • Powder Blue Tiger 

      Property taxes are low. I think fifth lowest in US a 25000 house is about 1450. I only have VA And GA as a comparison for utilities but they are lower in general in SC. Employment is on the upswing. I work retail and it's a fight to find and keep good workers because there are so many jobs hiring 

    • Navy Blue Case that should be 250000 house..oops

    • Navy Blue Case  Thanks for the info!  I look forward to leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city behind one day and moving to the Carolinas.  Do you enjoy living in SC?  

    • Powder Blue Tiger  we'll I'm biased since I grew up here but I do love the changing seasons..being able to go to the mountains or the beach. Definitely fewer traffic jams than my years maneuvering around Atlanta area

    • Navy Blue Case my question is do you think 85k would be a good income for a family of 4. My wife is a stay a home, homeschooling mom. I am the only income for our fsmily. We currentley live in il and i make more than that now. We just hate it here and or looking south. I know that the cost of living is less there, but does thst really play out in the day to day.

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