Why does the mobile app insist on categories for account transfers

On the mobile app, when transfers between accounts are automatically imported from my bank, I cannot clear them from the New Transactions list until I assign a category.  Yet if I enter a transfer manually, the app (correctly) does not require a category.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?  I don't have this problem on the desktop site.  Any help is appreciated!

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  • Your bank has no idea that the money was transferred. The only thing it can record is "Money left" or "Money was received." So when you import those transactions, they show up as regular, one-way transactions. To fix it, change the payee to a transfer. If you input the transfer manually before it imports, YNAB will learn that "ACH OTHERBANKCORP" should be a transfer. 

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    • WordTenor  Thanks, but I've already done that.  The mobile app still says category needed in the imported transactions list.  I can't clear them from my "new" transactions because it wants a category.  The only way to fix it is to delete the imported transaction, then reenter the transaction manually.  That defeats the purpose of direct import.

  • Hi Slate Blue Storm !

    Changing the payee should remove the 'Needs Category' prompt. If you're still seeing it after changing the payee, would you mind posting a screenshot?  This sounds like something we may need our development team to look into!

  • I apologize for the delayed reply.  It's working now.  It looks like maybe it wasn't saving my changes when I changed the payee, but I closed out the app and tried again after a phone restart.  Seems good now.  Thanks for the help!  

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    • Slate Blue Storm Happy to hear it's back up and running properly! :)

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