What did you do to improve your finances today?

This was one of my favourite threads on the old forum, and since there doesn't seem to be one here yet, I thought I'd create one :-)

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  • I thought about buying a new coat, then considered having the zip pockets of the old coat I love repaired, after that thought I’d buy the zips and repair the pockets myself and in the end found some zips at home I can use :-).

    And I upcycled this backpack I was given, into a present for my nephews 10th birthday. I’m quite content.

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      Powder Blue Pony Excellent!! :)

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  • Last year I cut ties with Cable and moved to Philo for $20 a month. I have enjoyed streaming with the service and don't miss cable. But I only watch a handful of the shows on Philo. Now Discovery Plus came out and the overlap between the shows they offer and the ones I watch on Philo is exact. (Like it was made for me!) 

    Discovery plus is $4.99 a month with ads and $6.99 a month without ads. That is already way cheaper than Philo - which does have commercials (some you can skip and some you can't.

    BUT now they are offering a 'gift' special. I was able to gift myself a year of Discovery plus for $59. (A little under $5.00 a month.) There is only one show that I like to watch that isn't on Discovery Plus as far as I can tell. But going from $240 to $59 for the year makes that a very acceptable trade-off. I have the rest of February on my Philo account to binge-watch that show and also make sure I add my 'fav' list from one service to the other.

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  • Good day. I am new 2021 YNABer.

    I am for about a decade minimalist and now on budget. I try to live as cheap as possible. I mean I have no need to live with nothing eating grass, but I do try to live with as little as possible. This is handy because eventually you get used to it. For me it means no, or let's say less, shopping. I completely avoid malls. All of them.

    I avoid to spend on fresh things. If you want new. You can buy new all year long.

    I buy phones, laptops, furniture, literally anything to last. Make your money work and buy with it stuff to work. My phone, it's so old eventually, most of people have newer. I do not care. My washing machine is 8 year old thing and I do not care. At all. As long as it works, I am more than happy, this is minimalism. Minimalism.

     I literally stopped traveling. To Düsseldorf. To Amsterdam. To Anything. Really.

    I literally hate traveling abroad now as it asks too much wasted hours in airport, too much effort to find best deals and besides of that it is also costly. I don't want to live for my next vacation... not very happy.

    I buy discounted traveling ticket and go instead to explore my country. This pays usually under 10 euros and I can walk endlessly trying to navigate my life budget in mind. If you can, please stop traveling abroad. Without traveling and spending my precious free time at the malls I finally can enjoy my stress-free life forever.

    You don't miss that new iPhone. You don't miss that new fashion. You miss financial freedom.

    This is why I am using YNAB to make it even greater.

    No matter what is your income, you can  save now. I tried to live on one thousand euros a month for few months as a joke. It worked. Now I am living under 800 euros a month and it works. Saving the rest for a need.

    What need? Stop wasting your money to merchants, and save for your greatest future!

    When one of your pastime is your budget, it is your destination fantasy.

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  • switched from AT&T to xfinity mobile for my cell phone and am saving $29/month. small wins add up

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  • Since I had some off time today, I decided to take a closer look at my recurring subscriptions and realized I could save a whole lot more by going into the annual plan for the services I knew I was going to use. I cancelled two subscriptions for minor things and didn't save a whole lot there, but I sat down to do the math and calculated how much money I'm saving with my annual subscriptions that I switched compared to paying monthly.

    My annual savings as of today is now $105.40, so that's a good chunk of money I get to budget into other things now.

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  • Pre-purchased my 2021 income tax software while it's on sale at 20% off. I should be feeling oh-so-organized; however, I still haven't submitted my 2020 taxes to Revenue Canada. Sigh.

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  • Completed our trust, will, Durable PoA for Finance and Advanced Health Care Directives.  Funded our Trust with our Charles Schwab accounts, credit union accounts, etc.  I have such a feeling of relief getting this done.  I spent a lot more time thinking about it than I actually did getting it done.

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  • Switched back to ynab 4

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  • Discovered a great way to enter all those purchases which you might return, like a big shop at Winners when I'm the personal shopper and will return the clothes that don't fit / aren't right.

    Enter the entire transaction as OTHER. After returning the items (or before if you're organized), circle the items you kept on the receipt. In YNAB, go back to the transaction that says $300 Winners, split the bill and allocate the spending of the items you kept to the categories, and the rest to OTHER. In your VISA category, you will then see $300 and -$225, but in the categories, the $75 will be where you spent it and the -$225 will go back to OTHER. 

    Really helpful for the Xmas shopping I've started... :)

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